The Home Academy for Urban Science- “The HAUS”- is a child daycare facility (State #153909077) located in Kernville, CA.

Children learn in classes no larger than 6 students in an atmosphere conducive to young imaginations.

While the day is structured in a manner that trains the child to be ready to excel in the kindergarten common core standards, the nature in which the learning portions of the day are implemented, focus on an urban environmental values set.

What that means is that children attending HAUS are taught that nature is all around you, not just when you are out walking in the woods. As adults, when we think about the future of the Earth, and those that will live on it, we understand that there is a pressing need to somehow blend the urban and natural worlds harmoniously. At The Haus we teach youngsters how to do that, and accept the merging of urban environments and natural environments as the new normal for future generations.

At The Haus, in a safety conscious, age appropriate manner, your child will do amazing things like help build a playhouse with a living roof. They will learn about urban raised livestock, participate in the planting of community gardens and raise worms.

Children at The Haus get dirty. They have daily art, reading, writing, music, science, PE and math lessons. PLUS plenty of imagination driven free time.

Composting, reusing and recycling are core principals at The Haus and children are shown how to make their own fun and safe toys from recycled items.