The Home Academy for Urban Science- “The HAUS”- is a child daycare facility located in Kernville, CA.

Children learn in classes no larger than 6 students in an atmosphere conducive to young imaginations.

While the day is structured in a manner that trains the child to be ready to excel in the kindergarten common core standards, the nature in which the learning portions of the day are implemented, focus on an urban environmental values set.  What that means is that children attending HAUS are taught that nature is all around you, not just when you are out walking in the woods. As adults, when we think about the future of the Earth, and those that will live on it, we understand that there is a pressing need to somehow blend the urban and natural worlds harmoniously. At The Haus we teach youngsters how to do that, and accept the mergeing of urban environments and natural environments as the new normal.

At The Haus, in a safety conscious, age appropriate manner, your child will do amazing things like help build a playhouse with a living roof. They will learn about urban raised livestock, participate in the planting of community gardens and raise worms.

Children at The Haus get dirty. They have daily art, reading, writing, music, science, PE and math lessons. PLUS plenty of imagination driven free time.

Composting, reusing and recycling is a core principal at The Haus and children are shown how to make their own fun and safe toys from recycled items.

At HAUS we embrace a bilingual and bi-cultural atmosphere.

Kids celebrate North American and Mexican holidays such as Thanksgiving and Cinco De Mayo as well as traditionally European and Asian holidays like May Day, Chinese New Year and much more. If your child has a special cultural holiday that they want to celebrate, let us know! We love learning about different countries and how they do things!

Because of the ever broadening cultural heritages that our country peacefully embraces, the next natural step is learning foreign languages.

At HAUS children learn words that are common to kids needs and desires in different languages. Children learn to count in Spanish and Japanese, as well as English. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home singing Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish! To help parents along we send home foreign vocabulary lists with their children monthly.

We attempt to instill a respect for GOOD MANNERS!

Children are taught to ask to be excused from the table and make sure the area around them is tidy before departing. We wait until all friends have finished eating, before we start free time. Additionally, all lunch boxes are opened at one time, after everyone is seated to encourage a polite atmosphere.

At HAUS we never require children to finish all the food that is in front of them, but instead we will return it to their parents at the end of the day, so they know how much a child has eaten.

Healthy, vegetarian snacks and drinks are provided for your child for the afternoon and morning snack times.

Snack time is at 10:00 and 2:30, with lunch served at 12:00.

Birthday and ½ birthday celebrations and are encouraged at HAUS and we will gladly serve goodies, provided by the parent of the child, whose special day it is. Please let us know a day in advance of your celebration so we can plan for it.

Please call 808 640 5370 to get an email or snail mail enrollment package and to schedule some play time.