Art is a huge part of the HAUS day. Children learn all the motor-skills necessary to succeed in formal education from “Mr. Neal” who is a professionally trained graphic designer and fine artist.

Kids learn how to hold a pencil and cut, they learn how much glue to use, and practice drawing all sorts of educational pictures.

We focus on making useable art that goes to the playground with us like kites and puppets.

When we can, we make many of our projects out of reused objects provided by our like minded families and make lots of educational collages out of non-recyclables.

We do a lot of painting at The HAUS and children use their fingers as well as brushes. We learn about mixing colors and have “how to draw” lessons where kids practice following directions while learning common shapes.

We help children learn how to cut on lines, color inside certain areas, fold and free draw. In our eduaction plan we use real world words like horizontal, diagonal and vertical believe that our students can grasp these concepts through repetition.  

Modeling clay, is also part of the fun at HAUS. Towards the end of the year, once we have honed our clay working skills, we take time to bake some of our creations.