We encourage kids at HAUS to discover the world of reading and writing, early.

Each day we go over the alphabet and the sounds that the letters make.

We learn about vowels, consonants and cover simple site words that they will encounter in kindergarten.

HAUS kids will understand that vowels are important and you can’t have a word without them. Kids will practice spotting vowels everywhere around us.

Books are read throughout the day and rhyming is frequently used as an educational tool.

We teach kids at HAUS the American sign language alphabet and use it when learning new words.

We use the SIPPS method of reading instruction for our older kids that are almost ready to read on their own and are headed for kindergarten soon.

At HAUS common objects are labeled with what they are as a visual learning tool. Frequently these are also labeled in Spanish for bilingual practice.

We use supervised touch-screen technology as well as pencils, pens, crayons and stamps.