Reusing safe scrap materials in our science projects is a key component to our learning model. We strongly encourage parents to talk to the staff about donating safe, but otherwise worn out or recyclable materials to our science and craft workshops. You would be surprised what kids can learn from a piece of garden hose and a couple of milk jugs!

Our head Urban Science facilitator, “Mr. Neal”,  is formally trained in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Biology and has a newly found passion for robotics thanks to his daughters’ natural curiosity.

Our age appropriate urban science projects focus on how the natural world functions in conjunction with man made human habitats and how kids interact with both. We investigate how children can influence the natural environment in a more gentle manner. At HAUS we study how kids and grownups can utilize renewable natural resources such as sunlight and how through science we can make cities and towns nicer places to live.  In addition HAUS kids gain insight into their surroundings and obtain a better understanding of environmental solutions to ensure humans a viable future on planet Earth.